How can I export my AQUA wallet private key

Learn more about exporting your AQUA wallet private key.

If you log in on AQUA using a social account* then a crypto wallet is automatically created for your social login option. To be able to export your wallet and use it elsewhere, like for example use it with MetaMask, you need to retrieve the wallet's private key.

AQUA wallets are created by logging in with a social account, meaning using one of the following login methods: Gmail, Discord, Facebook, Email or Phone Number 

Private key

  • Access your AQUA Profile in the upper right corner of the page
  • Select the "Settings option"
  • Select the "Show private key" option and make sure you copy it in a safe place and store it handy so that you can have full control over your wallet.

Note: If you do not see the "Settings" option and you have multiple wallets connected, make sure the active one is the one for which you want to export the private key, meaning the Gmail, Discord, Facebook or Passwordless one. 

Warning: If you lose your private key, your funds could be lost forever. If you show your private key to anybody, your funds could be stolen. AQUA will never ask for your private key.


You can now import the wallet private key somewhere else, like for example on MetaMask. For more details, please check:  How to import an account